Aliki Christodoulou

Athens Public Notary, (DEA)

Aliki is a member of the Athens Notary Association (SGP) since 2003. She follows the family tradition as a third generation public notary, after her grandmother and her mother.

She graduated from the Law School of the University of Athens and completed her postgraduate studies (DEA) at the University of Paris II Pantheon/Assas where she focused on Communication Law (Droit de la Communication).

She worked as an attorney until 2003, serving also as an external partner of the Audiovisual Media Institute. After she successfully became a member of the Athens Notary Association she handled the cases of the family’s notary office where she learned in depth the different types of notarial acts and documents.

Today Aliki is among the few who innovate while applying modern family law provisions which allow individuals to secure, in the form of notarial acts, actions that aim at the harmonic functioning of families where assisted reproduction was needed. Other such acts include the common partnership agreement, child recognition deed etc.

Aliki also advises companies and individuals on issues such as the formation of companies, particularly through the “ONE STOP SERVICE” (Y.M.S.), or the creation of enterprises founded on private capital and on matters of real estate and property management. She also has a profound knowledge of how to deal with –often complicated- inheritance cases. Part of her job is to draft complex contractual agreements of civil and commercial law.

Aliki maintains the records of the former Public Notaries “CATHERINE ANDRIKOPOULOU” and “ALKISTIS ANDRIKOPOULOU-CHRISTODOULOU.”

She knows Greek, English and French.


Aliki graduated from: