PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. We handle the management of commercial and residential property.


Our office has a separate legal department that specializes in real estate-related legal matters.

The constantly changing legal framework relating to the acquisition, the exploitation, the transfer and taxation of real estate in Greece makes all the more eminent the need to provide specialized legal advice from qualified specialists with many years of experience in real estate management.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services covering a wide range of issues which owners of property and tenants currently face.

  • Control of deeds, property titles.
  • Preparation of tax returns and payment of taxes.
  • Preparation of lease agreements for business and individuals.
  • Technical evaluation of real estate (with the assistance of our civil engineer partners).
  • Study and analysis of real estate development.
  • Contracts of purchase and sale.
  • Tips for the appropriate distribution of building maintenance charges and other operating expenses.
  • Settlement of undeclared property.

We also provide specialized services relating to the acquisition and rental of property and to the management of the operating expenses.

We collaborate with professionals known for their successful active path in the field of Greek real estate.

We cover all legal issues concerning private property of our Greek expatriates and of the foreign Greek residents, whether they are the owners of a small apartment or the investors on various assets throughout the Greek territory.