We are committed to offer high quality legal services on highly competitive and affordable fees.

Our team has the knowledge, the experience and the expertise (know-how) to assist you in any legal issue that might trouble you. We will help you in the best way we see fit to better serve your interests, whether it involves undertaking judicial and/or extrajudicial proceedings, through legal consulting and arbitration.

We are able to advise our clients on a broad range of legal and business issues that may arise both locally and internationally.

For us, the legal needs of a company’s or an individual’s life must be fulfilled by providing optimal results in a cost efficient way.

For this reason we are constantly working on:

  • Being up to date with the latest developments in Greek and EU law by participating into workshops or other projects of continuing education and training.
  • Covering all types of legal needs, corporate and personal, both inside the Greek territory and outside of it.
  • Adhering to our commitment on high quality legal and consulting services.
  • Understanding the current economy status and properly responding by adjusting our fees to the new financial reality.
More about our services


Our various services are oriented towards facilitating the daily operation of your business or towards settling personal issues that may trouble you. Apart from our advisory role on purely legal matters, our services aim at covering a wider spectrum of needs in your everyday life, relieving you of concerns which may often be challenging.

In that regard, we have developed a valuable and interdisciplinary network of partners, all qualified and reputable professionals in their respective fields of expertise. We are also constantly working towards establishing new partnerships so that we can respond comprehensively to all your needs, business and personal. Our network includes English-speaking public notaries, auditors, tax consultants and accountants, brokers, appraisers, realtors, civil engineers, topographers and other professionals throughout Greece who help us to offer you quality and complete services.

We have also established interdisciplinary partnerships with highly appraised professionals in many European cities as well as in the US, in Asia, in Africa and in Australia. Hence, we are able to meet the demands of our clients not only in Greece but also worldwide.