Our team of experts in the field of real estate handles exclusively cases of Property Management for Greek residents, Greek expatriates and foreign owners in Greece.

We offer innovative services in order to meet the constantly emerging needs of a complex market.




Notarial support in matters of: Real Estate, Inheritance, Parental Gifts and Donations, Formal Statements and many others.

Our office offers, through our network of partners,  notarial services that may be required during the handling of a case in the Greek courts (such as affidavits etc) or for extrajudicial matters (such as contracts of purchase or sale of real estate, parental deeds of transfer of  real estate, parental and inter vivos gift structuring, succession deeds, inheritance trust etc.).

In order to address the aforementioned issues, we are collaborating with Miss Aliki K. Christodoulou, Notary Public in Athens. Aliki’ s extensive professional experience is necessary when we draft  the strategic course of action to pursue in order to best serve a client’s interest  on any given case.

Our services provide for:

      • the harmonization of family relationships with modern law provisions through notarial documents such as the civil partnership agreements.
      • the transfer of real estate through contracts of sale and purchase and inter vivos donation deeds, parental gift deeds.
      • the settlement of inheritance issues.
      • the facilitation of our clients’ professional and personal daily life by offering our assistance on the
        • Authentication of original documents and certifying copies of documents such as Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Educational Certificates and University Certificates for use at home or overseas
        • Apostille requirements for various types of certificates.
        • Powers of Attorney, Affidavits and Declarations
        • Partition Agreements and other company documents


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. We handle the management of business and residential property.


Our office has a separate legal department that specializes in real estate-related legal matters.

The constantly changing legal framework relating to the acquisition, the exploitation, the transfer and taxation of real estate in Greece makes all the more eminent the need to provide specialized legal advice from qualified specialists with many years of experience in real estate management.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services covering a wide range of issues which owners of property and tenants currently face.

  • Control of deeds, property titles.
  • Preparation of tax returns and payment of taxes.
  • Preparation of lease agreements for business and individuals.
  • Technical evaluation of real estate (with the assistance of our civil engineer partners).
  • Study and analysis of real estate development.
  • Contracts of purchase and sale.
  • Tips for the appropriate distribution of building maintenance charges and other operating expenses.
  • Settlement of undeclared property.
We also provide specialized services relating to the acquisition and rental of property and to the management of the operating expenses.
We collaborate with professionals known for their successful active path in the field of Greek real estate.
We cover all legal issues concerning private property of our Greek expatriates and of the foreign Greek residents, whether they are the owners of a small apartment or the investors on various assets throughout the Greek territory.


We like to be you …

You live abroad? We can represent you in front of all the Greek Authorities.
We will monitor your issues in Greece and act accordingly as if you are present.

((The photo is from the Macedonian News Agency)
A significant number of the people who trust our firm are Greek expatriates living in various foreign countries like the US, Australia, South Africa, France, and also citizens of foreign countries (companies and individuals) who live and work in Greece.

They know the way in which we work and choose us for the management and settlement of all their issues in Greece, whether this involves the handling of real estate affair or the settlement of problem of personnal nature.
Through constant contact with our clients during the processing of their cases, we have developed ties of confidence between the firm’s members and our fellow Greeks who live abroad. Greek Expatriates and foreign residents in Greece trust us to offer them personalized solutions in various areas of their everyday life.

Our main services to Greek expatriates and foreign residents in Greece include:

  • Military issues.
  • Tax planning and representation in the Tax authorities, preparation of tax returns, payment of taxes
  • Inheritance trust, assistance in the drafting of wills, acceptance/refusal of succession goods.
  • Drafting of contracts for the purchase and sell of property, issuance of building permits.
  • Real estate management: transfer (with parental benefit, donation), rental issues, property assessment etc.
  • Property claims from trespassing offenses, registration of estates in the National Land Registry.
  • Divorce procedures, civil partnerships, transnational adoptions.
  • Pensions in Greece or in another states.
  • Recognition and execution of foreign judgments in Greece
  • Investment-related issues in touristic destinations in the Greek islands
  • Preparation of notarial documents of various types, Apostille, legal certification and authentication of documents.
  • Representation in front of the Greek public authorities such as the National Land Registry, the Tax Office and in front of the utilities organizations (Electricity company, Water company and telecommunications).

Contact us. We will do the research for you, identify all possible solutions and choose the best one for you personally.