Twenty years of experience in dispute resolution!

We aim for the early resolution of disputes.


We are ready to suggest extrajudicial ways when the cold logic imposes it and to tackle judicial proceedings in front of the Greek courts whenever it is deemed necessary.

We like to intervene towards the most quick and cost effective resolution of emerging problems before the later become deadlocked. We treat your concerns as our own and suggest the way that better serves your interests.

Our office intervenes in disputes between citizens and the state or between individuals. No case is similar to another. General patterns of treatment that are applied on private disputes often overlook the individual character and particular circumstances of every case. Our office will go through your case in depth in order to determine the personalized course of action to take.

Our associates will talk with you as many times as you need in order to go through every facet of your case. We will then discuss with you all available options and choose the most appropriate solution.

Beyond dispute resolution, our associates help our clients manage many simple legal issues in their everyday lives. Let us handle some of your most common legal concerns by selecting some of our services:

  • Property management (negotiations with tenants, rental income claims, etc.)
  • Negotiations with financial institutions
  • Setting fiscal issues with Treasury
  • Admittance/Refusal of inheritance
  • Parental deeds, donations and transfers of real estate
  • Under-oath Statements
  • Supply of all kinds of certificates
  • Official translations of documents in foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish).

In most cases we will only require from you to sign the relevant documents and applications. We will then handle all the legal issues and deliver you your file ready for your records.

When you are against the all-mighty “Administration” only someone who believes in your rights can help you. That is what I saw in the attorneys of this Firm. Good results were simply the outcome of their actions. GM

Please call or write to request an appointment to pass by our office and discuss with us the issue that concerns you. We will give you a comprehensive estimation of the chances of your case and the legal cost of the process in order for you to be better informed on how to further proceed.



AREAS OF PRACTICE for Individuals

Every member of our firm specializes in some areas. See this page’s areas of expertise concerning individuals.


  • Divorce and alimony arrangements
  • Civil partnership agreements
  • Child support and visitation
  • Inter-country and international adoption
  • Powers of attorney


  • Acceptance/Refusal of succession
  • Guidance on how to draft wills
  • Inheritance trusts
  • Succession with or without will
  • Inheritance acquired abroad
  • Distribution of assets acquired by inheritance


  • “common” criminal law
  • Tax crimes
  • Bank and monetary fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Extradition


  • Employment contracts
  • Cancellation of dismissal/lost wages
  • Overtime charges
  • Retirement and Pension
  • Insurance benefits


  • Damaged goods/products
  • Product labeling
  • Health Policies and Regulations
  • Electronic commerce


  • Private International Law
  • Free transfer of goods & services
  • Right of Establishment
  • Recognition and execution of foreign court decisions in Greece
  • European Convention for Human Rights


    • Court ordered expert reports
    • Insurance claims
    • Reparation of damages


Indebted Households
  • Debt control
  • Negotiation with Banking Institutions
  • Petition for haircut in front of the Greek courts
  • Debt refinancing
  • Drafting of Lease agreements for personal or professional use
  • Court orders for payment of unpaid rent and other expenses
  • Eviction court orders