Elena Gianniki

Attorney-at-Law, D.E.S.

Elena is a lawyer and legal consultant. She studied in Greece, Italy and Belgium and focused on European studies.

Since May 2011, Elena has been appointed National Legal Director of the Greek Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, responsible for the Dodecanese area.

Elena has extensive experience in European affairs. She has served in the European Commission (Directorate General for External Relations and Directorate General for Development) and has been a member of the European Commission’s mission in Luanda.

Elena has also held the position of research associate in the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Greek Centre for European Studies where she focused on human rights issues. She was also a Special Advisor at the Ministry of Development and at the Ministry of Transport and Communications on matters regarding International Organizations and the harmonization of Greek law with European Union law.

As a lawyer, aside from her traditional field of expertise, International and EU law, she also practices Greek civil and commercial law.

A member of the Rhodes Bar Association, Elena speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. She also knows German and Arabic.

Elena graduated from: