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The fabulous treasure of the Greek Church


LE POINT  –  23/12/2011

The fabulous treasure of the Greek Church 

… But the debate results only little controversy in the country, apart from a few small circles. Over 80% of Greeks declare being Orthodox and many of them prefer to turn their back to the situation as long as the privileged status of the Church is profitable for them.

“In the rich suburbs and in the very popular islands, where the price per square meter is very high, some take advantage of the vagueness of the law,” said Christos Christopoulos, from the business-law firm Christopoulos Advocates. “The Church of Greece has a planning department recognized by law, issuing building permits for parishes and temples. On the same ground, next to these places of worship, it is possible to build small auxiliary buildings. But some people have used this type of license in order to build villas on their land, where construction was prohibited by city-planning regulations” he says.