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Greek Islands to sell

LE POINT –  14/10/2012


Greek islands to sell

The news has been a bombshell. According to the Greek press this weekend, the emissaries of the European Union and International Monetary Fund have suggested the Greek government to “move the Islanders with less than 150 inhabitants to more accessible places.” A proposal publicly repeated by Kostas Mousouroulis, the Greek Minister of Maritime Affairs. The country has indeed a myriad of islands, many of which are close to the Turkish coast. Twenty-two of them are inhabited by fewer than 150 persons. Their operation, according to the minister, would “cost too expensive for the state.”


Even contradicted this assumption is debatable. Christos Christopoulos, business lawyer, remains skeptical about the realization of the project, but asks: “What if in France we moved seven villagers of Châteauvieux-the-Fosse in the Doubs or those of ‘Aulan in Drôme? Deportation of these people from their dwelling place, even under the pretext of non-profitability, wake past traumas to the Greeks. Moreover, it is legally impermissible and, finally, it would create serious risks to national security, “he says.