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Oil Regulation (Part 2)




What is the general structure of the petroleum products’ market today?

In the refining sector only two companies 4 are active (HELLENIC PETROLEUM, MOTOR OIL) which produce homogeneous products and which are mainly targeted to the domestic market.

In the trade sectors there are approximately twenty (20) companies activated, which supply the service stations, the large consumers and the end consumers and which possess their own storage spaces.

In the field of retail distribution there are approximately 8,000 active service-stations, the majority of which bears the trademark of a trading company, while there are approximately 600 independent service-stations5, as well as a small number of service-stations located in Super Markets and exclusively supplying the end consumers.  

Oil Regulation (Part 1)


The petroleum market in Greece is facing significant issues, mostly due to the distortion of competition, smuggling and lack of substantial development in recent years. However, the market offers challenging opportunities to investors provided that much awaited changes – at both a regulatory as well as a business practice level – are followed through. The below report aims to present a brief, yet concise overview of the various aspects (sectors, risks, challenges, opportunities) of the Greek petroleum market.